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Telemarketing Services

There’s no denying that an up-to-the-minute, tailored telemarketing list is the cornerstone to any successful marketing campaign.

But once you’ve got your perfect list of qualified leads, we help you turn that cold call “straw” into sales “gold” — all by providing the best telemarketing services around.

Extensive Telemarketing Services

Whether you prefer a classic approach to telemarketing, or are exploring the latest, high-tech solutions, we can help you design and implement the perfect systems for your organization.

  • Predictive dialers. We’ll set you up with a system utilizing the latest algorithms in order to connect your agents directly to customers. Predictive dialing technology is invaluable for making your agents’ time even more productive.
  • Voice broadcasting. Let us help you target your message with voice broadcasting — not only to reach a larger number of prospects with one broadcast, but with a better database of call prospects. Whether you need to conduct surveys that can be answered via touchpad, or simply aim to let members know about your latest promotion, we’ll set you up with the voice broadcasting system that best meets your needs.
  • Voicemail drops. When your call gets sent to voicemail, you don’t want the recipients to receive just half of the message — and one that’s full of static, to boot. Instead, utilize our specialized voice drop services, designed to allow agents to send a targeted, pre-recorded messages to voicemail with a single click. This efficient system frees up their time to move to the next call.
  • SMS messaging. With a truly effective short messaging service, you can send effective texts to the mobile devices on your list. Whether you’re alerting customers to sales, or getting out the vote, your message gets through loud and clear.
  • Cloud dialing. By setting up a cloud call center, your agents can be as mobile as the people they’re trying to reach. Your team can log in and begin handling calls from any computer — anywhere in the world.
  • Additional services. From setting up outbound telemarketing projects to designing avatar calling systems, we can handle all your marketing needs.

Handling Sales Efficiently

When your state-of-the-art telemarketing package is designed to lead directly to telephone sales, our systems are there to close the deal, whether it’s to individual customers or to other businesses.

From B2B to B2C telemarketing services, you’ll be able to not only get your customers and business contacts on the phone, but ready and qualified to make immediate purchases, all by the time your closers are on the line.

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