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Email Marketing

Some people may erroneously believe that email marketing is out-of-date. Increasingly popular marketing strategies, such as those that employ social media or mobile devices, are often given more attention. Nevertheless, results indicate that with the right content, email marketing is not only effective; it is more powerful than it has ever been.

Why Email Marketing?

Emails allow a business to directly communicate with potential customers in a noninvasive manner. This approach can quickly become profitable as company sales increase. As a result, the most successful companies often market their products and services via email.

For smaller businesses that are concerned about overhead costs, email marketing is a great option. In fact, this marketing style provides quite a cost savings when compared to direct marketing attempts, such as the use of mailed flyers or paper coupons.

Content Matters

Still, it is important for the emails used in marketing to offer value to their recipients. Emails that contain the wrong content can be off-putting and annoying for potential customers. This type of email is likely to be viewed as spam.

However, emails with valuable content can help promote a stronger relationship with your customers. If your audience finds the content valuable, they may even share the email with others. Thus, the reach of your marketing efforts may be further expanded.

What We Do

At Jared’s Leads, we strive to simplify email marketing for you. Here are a few benefits of our email marketing services:

One-stop Marketing to the Right Audience

We have made email marketing easy for consumer and business campaigns by providing a one-stop shop for delivering your message to the right in-boxes. Even if you are sending out tons of emails, they will only be effective if they reach the right audience. We can help you identify the right prospects so that your emails are effective.

Flexible Options

We can provide the email content for you and send the emails out or simply provide you with emails that you can use on your own. The email marketing services that we offer can be adjusted based on your needs. If you only need help generating effective emails, we can create the content that you need. If you also need to have the emails sent to a specific set of customer email addresses, we are able to assist in that area as well.

Analysis of Marketing Results

We can also track your marketing campaign and provide details identifying who opened your email, clicked through to your website and more. This information can help you narrow the target of your marketing efforts to make your campaign more efficient. Once your group of prospects is better identified, you can re-broadcast to those potential customers.

How do we handle your email marketing campaign?

To market you or your business, we do the following:

  1. Create a marketing concept for your campaign: It is important for the concepts used to be consistent with your brand and the products or services that you offer.
  2. Help you create design and coding: The emails received by your audience must be professional-looking. A poorly designed email can be detrimental to your brand.
  3. Send out your message: We ensure that your message is sent to all the identified email addresses.
  4. Provide tracking results: It is important to track the results of your campaign. As more information about the effectiveness of the campaign is obtained, we can make adjustments to improve it even more.

If you are trying to increase your customer base, contact us for more information about how we can help improve your marketing reach through email marketing.

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