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Hygiene Services for Optimum Efficiency of Your Marketing Efforts

Advanced technology enables ISPs and email providers to ferret out marketing emails with increasing accuracy and aggression. They have developed algorithms that measure a number of factors to determine whether or not to send your email to spam and other folders that lessen the possibility that your target audience will ever even see your message. This includes inactivity, unsubscribe rates, clicks and more. Additionally, much of the data on your lists is either bad or the information goes bad quickly. Bad data can ruin an email program, and can lead to costly delays, issues and a wasted marketing campaign. Boost your marketing efficiency and capabilities with our data and email hygiene services.

At Jared’s Leads, we clean dirty data for you so you can concentrate on marketing your organization’s products and services to the people and companies you are trying to reach. Our hygiene services can be applied to both consumer and business databases.

Email Validation

It’s imperative that the addresses on your email list go through a validation process to ensure that the recipients are real, their provided location is accurate and that your messages have the opportunity to reach them. Jared’s Leads provides the following valuable services in furtherance of these objectives.

  • Remove inactive or non-responsive contacts.
  • Merge/purge – search for and eliminate any duplications.
  • Check through domain validator, MX lookup, DEA checker and other options to ensure that each email address is valid.
  • Check for typos, syntax errors, invalid characters and formatting issues to reduce email bounces and increase email send deliverability rates.
  • Perform email list monitoring.
  • Validate the IP address of the lead’s email and confirm its continued activity to reduce the chance that your campaigns will be black-listed.
  • Use geolocation software to locate lead’s geographical location and time zone and/or match IP address with lead’s provided address to validate address accuracy.

List Cleaning

These hygiene services go hand-in-hand with validation.

  • Identify and remove undeliverable email addresses.
  • Detect unknown or risky addresses through IP address hygiene.
  • Use SMTP verification.
  • Apply spam-trap suppression.
  • Perform habitual complainer checks.
  • Apply fraud protection services.
  • Identify temporary account or known fraudsters and malicious accounts.

Postal Address Verification

Postal addresses have potential issues, as well. Approximately 10 percent of people throughout the U.S. move to a new address each year. Therefore, it’s imperative that you check whether the recipients on your list have reported a new address before mailing out your material. Additionally, most mailing lists include non CASS addresses that aren’t deliverable because the post office software simply doesn’t recognize them. For our clients that extend their marketing efforts to U.S. postal mailings, we offer the following data hygiene services.

  • Standardize your mail list ensuring that it matches the USPS Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) reducing the number of non-deliverables due to non-standardized, inaccurate or incomplete addresses.
  • Screen your address list against the National Change of Address (NCOA) database and make any required addresses changes prior to mailing to reduce delays and the percentage of mail from you that will be tossed.
  • Check your addresses against Do Not Mail lists.

Please note that we also offer hygiene services for phone numbers, such as phone validation, Do Not Call, phone append and reverse phone append.

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