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Enhance Your List

Mailing lists are one of the most vital parts of cultivating a brand and making sales. When someone gives you their email, that is a more probable indicator that this person will buy from you opposed to someone who just visits your website or gives you a nod on social media.

By enhancing your list, we can take your email marketing efforts to the next level and get you higher open rates and conversions.

How would I benefit from the Enhance Your List service?

Simply gathering up email addresses to build a list isn’t enough nowadays. To really execute a thorough inbound marketing plan with strong likelihood of plentiful conversions, you need to go beyond the addresses of all the people who signed up for your mailing list. Enhancing your list can help you get more information on your leads or prospects that will help you make more informed marketing decisions on how to effectively appeal to your list.

The More Information You Have, The Greater Your Outreach Will Be

Your mailing or lead list may be missing other integral information that could maximize your marketing potential. Full names, home addresses, phone numbers, and other information about your leads will give you a complete array of marketing options that simply having an email address will not give you. You can achieve greater outreach with this information.

Stronger Segmentation and Higher Conversion Rates

The days of simply sending out a blast email to announce that you’ve got a new product coming out are over. Segmentation is a major part of enhancing your list that you shouldn’t be missing out on.

If you’re selling to businesses, you need to know their clients’ demographics so that you can properly target prospects and know exactly what they are interested in. Hard information like addresses and phone numbers can also only go so far: having a more precise idea of the demographics of your leads will also shed light on what products and services they would be the most interested in. If you’re selling to businesses, you need to know their clients’ demographics so that you can properly target prospects and get an idea of what particular business pains they are looking to you to solve.

Geo-coding is another important aspect of marketing campaigns because being able to segment your prospects by where they live can help you sort out where to prioritize your marketing efforts: would you sell a winter coat to a customer in Hawaii, or roofing tiles to a city full of apartment dwellers? There may be all kinds of trends down to just one region, state, or even zip code you will need to capitalize on.

Being able to properly segment these demographics, locations, and whatever other parameters you wish to set will ensure both stronger sales and higher engagement.

Personalization = More Sales

Even just a first name is an important place to start if you don’t have your leads’ phone numbers and home addresses. Experian estimates that personalized emails greeting the customer by their first name have a 26% higher open rate than those that do not. Higher open rates lead to more conversions.

If you personalize outreach efforts by location as well, this will result in higher engagement and higher likelihood of a sale. Personalized greetings and offers equal higher engagement, and higher long-term value for your brand.

Enhancing your list can help you breathe life into your email marketing or lead lists and give you far more than just email addresses to work with so you can create highly-targeted marketing campaigns that will drastically increase engagement and most of all, sales.

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