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At Jared’s Leads, we focus on all things leads, data, and marketing. We don’t stop at just providing you with the very best leads, we take it a step further and provide excellent customer service as well as dependability. Jared Knapp founded this company in his home office back in 2008, and the company has grown tremendously since that time. Jared originally started by digging up his own leads, but then quickly expanded to help others in securing great leads for themselves. What started in a home office has now expanded to a national, as well as global community, and Jared is really part of the modern wing of the marketing industry.

We generate the highest quality leads.

Whether you’re looking for Business B2B or Consumer B2C, Jared’s Leads is known for generating leads of the highest quality by taking your cold data and turning it into warm leads. We can even help you out with a custom marketing scheme so you’ll be covered on all angles.

Tested for quality, all information is verified.

We don’t give you any information that you don’t need, because we know that you don’t have time for that. The data we provide is only that which is absolutely necessary for your success.

95% of people who buy real time leads become repeat clients.

Enough said.

We guarantee all our real time leads.

Unlike some of the competition, Jared’s Leads can guarantee the quality of our leads, and we’ll stake our reputation on it.

Real time leads are prospects that are looking to purchase your purchases or services.

When we take your cold data and turn it into warm leads, we’re providing you with prospects that will help to grow your business.

Real time leads are generated using call centers or generated through our several online services.

We have a proprietary system in place to gather leads for you, so you can spend less time keeping an eye out for leads and more time building your business.

You can receive the real time leads directly to your phone, CRM or email address.

In this increasingly busy and connected world that we live in, it’s important that you’re able to access all the information you need as quickly as possible, and via every possible technological avenue. That’s why we link up with your phone, customer relationship management service, or your email address to get you the info you need.

Real time leads are great because the customer provided all their information to a call center or online and has a strong interest in being contacted by a company like yours.

Again, enough said.

Create a custom campaign based on your needs or get dialed into a campaign that is already generating leads in your category.

At Jared’s Leads, we like to focus on your needs. While that could be a catchy jingle, it’s also true. Our leads are filtered specifically to fit your demographic, so nothing irrelevant will get through when it comes to generating leads.

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Quality Leads - 100% Satisfaction

Satisfaction Guarantee is a term used a lot nowadays; however, we don’t take its meaning lightly. We want you to be happy and successful. Therefore, we do our part to provide you the best list possible and to give you the service you deserve.

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