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Co-Registration Leads

Co-registration leads may be an economical option for your next marketing campaign if you’re looking to get a large amount of tractable leads. Entertaining or helpful pop-ups and thank-you pages, offers to sweeten the deal, and sweepstakes are viable forms of co-registration that can wind up doing more for you than traditional advertising or SEO campaigns.

How Does Co-Registration Work?

Co-registration essentially piggybacks on top of another offer and takes place between two different parties, namely another company or marketer who has agreed to cross-promote with you. For instance, after you get a voluntary signup for your mailing list, a pop-up can appear giving the subscriber an additional offer such as a free e-book or other exclusive content if they also subscribe to the cross-promoting company’s mailing list.

Strategic partners make the best fit for co-registration, such as a real estate agency partnering with a mortgage broker or moving service.

What Can Co-Registration Do For My Business?

  • Mailing list growth: By tapping into other companies’ mailing list sign-ups, this move can result in a large amount of leads if the incentive provided is strong enough to make people want to sign up for yours as well.
  • Driving traffic: Leads are likely to go straight to your website after or prior to opting into your mailing list, making co-registration a good source of organic traffic.
  • Affiliate marketing: If you’d like to increase your passive income, a co-registration stream in your affiliate marketing efforts can be a very cost-effective method of driving traffic to your affiliate links.

In terms of the lead generation portion of your marketing budget your overall lead quality, co-registration is likely to benefit you in the following ways:

  • Mitigate the costs of lead generation: Co-registration leads will often be more inexpensive than real time or aged leads because the incentive that’s already there for the lead to sign up is what pays for a majority of the marketing to drive the traffic.
  • Leads more likely to be interested in your product or service: Co-registration leads make great opt-in response lists for marketing campaigns, and are therefore likely to voluntarily sign up and turn into qualified leads instead of people who just opt into the mailing list to get that one-time promo code or exclusive download. Strong strategic partnerships are more likely to seal this deal.
  • Allows you the chance to collect more data about your leads: A lead is more than just an email address. Co-registration is highly evolved and there are often entire web pages made strictly for these campaigns that are customized for the particular offer in question and will collect up-to-date data relevant to the offer.

Proper co-registration efforts can result in quality leads that have up-to-date contact information and a high likelihood of conversion.

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